lycrasporter1 asked:

Hi, i read ur story "the Resort" with much pleasure. Does a continuation exists? I am curious about the mandatory and inevitable training for those guys :-).

The Resort is the story I’m most likely to finish when I have the time some day.  I do have several unpublished frames made from future sections of the story and I’ve continued to assemble source photos for future use.  I think readers will be surprised by the direction the continuation will take, but I think many will like it nevertheless.

slavescotty asked:

Sir, Where did the photos for Boytopia come from?? Am so amazed with your ability to manipulate those images! Adore You Sir!!!

Thanks, scotty.  I’ve had several messages asking about the source video.  It’s a video from the 1990s from a German/Czech studio called “Man’s Best.” The original videos were entitled “Boytropolis” I and II.  The original videos have a somewhat different storyline and narrative order.  The biggest overall change I added was the theme of genital reduction, which was not in the original.

The Secret of Boytopia (Part 1): Jack is a graduate student who has long studied the legendary realm of Boytopia.  After months of searching, he finally encounters a Boytopian and follows him back to learn more about the society.  

(I first posted this story years ago; sadly the source video is relatively low resolution and can’t really be improved further.)