babyyoni asked:

Would you help a male be castrated in rl?

I keep a pretty strong personal border between erotic fantasy and real life. Individuals are free, in my view, to do as they please and desire in their lives, but when we’re talking about permanent alterations, my counsel would be to exercise caution, to wait and consider ramifications, and ultimately I would personally counsel against taking such a step.

newyorkmanslutfromoz asked:

Thank you so much for your blog Sir. i often wish i was younger so i could serve as your kind of boy. if i were younger and more desirable, i would love to follow your rules and always be naked, shaved, locked and horny for for the use of real men like you!

You’re very welcome and I’m glad you enjoy the blog and my stories.  Part of the idea is allowing everyone to fantasize — which is why I tend to create stories and images of whole worlds and fantastic or magical transformations — in that way everyone can take part.

billbuster asked:

I really love your Phalliminate stories, and want t read MORE of them. I'm talking about the text stories, not the pictures with word balloons (which are also great). Have you written more prose stories, and if so, how can I get more of them?

I really haven’t written much erotic fiction beyond the photocaption stories.  Essentially the only exception is a continuation / reworking of Julia Manchester’s “Primacy” — which is a societal role-reversal and gender transformation story, as opposed to something along the lines of Phalliminate.