Chad wakes to remember that the world around him is now governed by strict and humiliating new laws, including his own forced chastity. His story is set in the world the “Male Protection Laws” [male chastity, cfnm, humiliation, role reversal, femdom].

After a political revolution has left men without any input in government, a new and ever expanding series of regulations — known collectively as the “Male Protection Laws” — restrict the rights of men, leaving women in control of more and more facets of society. Because of the known tendency in males for aggression, the most stressful professions are now restricted to women only leaving simpler jobs like secretary, clerk, maid, babysitter, and, of course, home-maker to males.

At the time most of our stories are set, males have been stripped of the right to vote, to operate motor vehicles, to possess credit cards, or to own property. Their legal status has been changed from “adult men” to “dependent boys” under the custody of their female guardians. Sexual behavior is restricted by mandatory chastity protectors which prevent penetrative sex, masturbation, and erections. A mandatory dress code requires all facial and body hair to be removed, revealing clothing, including tights and skirts, or public nudity.

The name restoration act has mandated all family names by matronymics: the name of the head of the household’s mother plus the suffex “-dar” (short for “daughter.”) Example: If Jennifer’s mother is named Jane, Jennifer’s name is now “Ms. Jennifer Janesdar”. All women and young women (the word “girls” has fallen under use) are given the title “Ms.” Married boys are now called “Mzm.” which is short for “Ms.-mate” (i.e., the mate of a Ms.) Unmarried boys are called “Msr.” which is derived from the discontinued title “Mr.” Moreover, all boys must have diminutive given names ending in -y, -ie, or -i, (e.g., Petey, Jonnie, or Randi). Unmarried boys keep their mother’s matronymic while married boys take their Mistress’s matronymic. Jennifer’s son would therefore be Msr. Georgie Janesdar. If her husband’s previous name was Richard, he would now be called “Richie,” although formally his name woud be “Mzm. Jennifer Janesdar” (his name totally subsumed by his mizmate’s.

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